17 June 2017

Another development

Now you can see here what I did with that weird squiggly wiggly thing from yesterday. I wove it in between the petals of the inner flower bringing it up to join it to the picots on the chains of the last round. 

I used a lock chain to do this with.

Am I happy with it now? Well, the answer is a big, big NO.  Back to BC3 for further instructions.  I'll keep you posted.

Top picture is the 'front' and the bottom one - well, I'll leave you to guess!!!  NO, not the side view!!


  1. BC3 is working overtime! I don't know what you're aiming for, but it looks good to me.

    1. If it's any consolation, Jane, I don't know either!

  2. Fabulously interesting! I like it

  3. Very nice! All that lovely lock chain would be more noticeable in contrasting colors? Just a thought? ;)

  4. Excellent idea for the lock chain! Weaving it adds another dimension - a Celtic effect. I've always liked the look of your lock chains, which you use to great effect in so many patterns! I often thought there were beads in there!

  5. interesting design!


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